The Finery Fair Review

The Finery Fair is an annual arts festival celebrating all things fine! For those of you who didn’t know, don’t worry, you’ve not been living under a rock all these years. We’ve only just heard of it too!

The Finery Fair is not really a market of the ilk that mooimark vlooimark would usually review. The Finery Fair is an arts festival at its heart, and a very fine one at that! The focus is on all things fine. Fine music, fine eateries, fine theater, fine art, fine heart and fine makers.

mooimark vlooimark therefore want to start with the disclaimer that we could never do a full review of The Finery Fair justice… but the Finery Makers?! Now those guys are our what get us out of bed in the morning, keep us up at night and inspire us to do nothing by halves!

And we are very happy to report that The Finery Makers did not disappoint! They came from far and wide across the country to bring us their best, at the exquisite venue of Kievits Kroon Country Estate, Pretoria. Please browse through our found at the market, to see all the talented people we met on the day, and their fantastic creations you will be falling in love with.

mooimark vlooimark investigated nearly every designer maker present and although this is a normal part of what we usually do, the vibe of the market was somehow different. The designer makers all had more of an ‘art focus’. All the stalls were setup with a focus on detail and messaging. Each vendor had a story or a theme to their offerring and we felt really engaged by each designer or maker we spoke with. The talent, enthusiasm and quality of what we found at The Finery Fair will most likely see mooimark vlooimark coming back for more on a yearly basis with bright eyes and bushy tails.

The atmosphere at The Finery Fair is very much ‘festival’. The Kievits Kroon venue was a great choice for this event, with gorgeous grounds featuring leafy trees and ample water features. There was also additional sun shades put up offering just the right amount of shade and dappled sunlight to make the whole day seem dreamy. Hay bales and picnic blankets scattered the area in front of the stage, where blue grass and folky sounding bands entertained the visitors. Skirting all round the edges of this main entertainment zone, the fine eateries and fine watering holes (read beer garden) could be found.

A few things to note about The Finery Fair, should you be mentally planning attendance to the next one:

  • Keep your eyes and ears open for when they announce their 2017 dates (we only heard about The Finery Fair per chance and just in time – better idea yet, follow them on Facebook and you’ll be first to know for certain)
  • You have to buy tickets to attend, and they’re quite dear. (R120 per person when mooimark vlooimark attended (September 2016)) Rest assured though, if it’s a day out with the family it’s well worth it because it is a festival after all.
  • If the market is at the same time of year, at the same venue it will be very hot. Come prepared for dealing with the sun.

mooimark vlooimark are eager to see The Finery Makers again!