The Kamers/Makers Joburg Spring 2016 Review

As we approached the Kamers/Makers Joburg Spring 2016 event, held at The Galleria in Kramerville, Sandton our anticipation was building!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Kamers (where have you been!) this has got to be one of the most well known markets supporting local designer makers, since 2003. They organise roughly 4 national shows each year, that generate a turnout of roughly 58,000 visitors. (We are quoting Kamers website directly here, we didn’t do the count ourselves… so for more on where they started and how impressive they are please check them out at

Parking was a nightmare to find because the turn out for the event was obviously great, so we didn’t really mind (also there was a very convenient golf car shuttling people up and down between the parking area and the event, so all-in-all a doddle, really). Once inside we decided to investigate the overall layout of the place, get a feel for what to expect and decide where to begin. There were ample designer makers on show and enough space in the chosen venue to host them and the many many visitors to the event.

The designer makers we found at the event were all of a high standard and impeccable quality. We were very excited about what we found. There were some very satirical, proudly South African items, some beautifully crafted items that really make you think about the effort that goes into making them, and some that were super functional while attempting to recycle and save the planet. Items were well finished, packaged, labelled and displayed. It was all very impressive and professional. To see more of what we found at the event click here! 

We would highly recommend going to a Kamers event because the designer makers on offer are beyond impressive, however…

The venue chosen on this occasion let the event down. Most of the event was indoors and we would guess this was due to the lack of well groomed outside space. This resulted in the whole event feeling more like a pop-up mall, than a Market. The different designer makers and food stalls were also spread across disjointed areas and spaces creating a very variable atmosphere across the event. If you walked into the food stalls area where live music was playing and people were getting together for lunch and drinks, the atmosphere was fun and lively. But then walking upstairs to view some of the gorgeous designer maker goods, the atmosphere was completely different, more quiet and formal.

mooimark vlooimark didn’t have the most fun we’ve ever had at the Kamers/Makers Joburg Spring 2016 event, but we also know not to judge a book by its cover. The designer makers were amazing and so for this alone we would recommend going. If you want to shop local handmade goods there is no better place!