The “Tierlantyn’kies – Kuier en Koop Fees” Review

The “Tierlantyn’kies – Kuier en Koop Fees” is an event, NOT TO MISS!

The minute mooimark vlooimark set foot into the venue we were beyond excited because we knew that we had found the most amazing collection of local ingenuity and talent assembled in one place! mooimark vlooimark heaven!

We couldn’t count the number of designer makers on show. There were too many! And around each corner we found something even more beautiful, interesting, creative and locally made. To see for yourself what we found at Tierlantyn’kies, click here.

There is a reason Tierlantyn’kies call their event a “kuier en koop fees”… People at the event were clearly there for the opportunity to get together or “kuier”, and the feeling was very much that of a festival or “fees”. Families were meeting up for lunch, gathering along the long tables set out. Groups of friends were sitting in the large covered area enjoying craft beer and nibbles while listening to the live band do their thing. The whole atmosphere was very family friendly, very relaxed and just plain lovely.

Tierlantyn’kies is (unfortunately) not a market that happens once a month or even once a quarter. You really have to book your calendar in advance, and keep your eyes and ears to the ground, because it only happens twice per year.

But when it happens, it happens BIG! 5 days of Tierlantyn’kies delight, and the value for money it provides is unmatched, in our opinion, by any other market. For the very respectable price of R30 per person entrance fee (adult fee, which may vary for children, pensioners and students) you get yourself a full 5 day pass to the event. This means if you go on the first day you are welcome to browse all the amazing designer makers on offer, catch some sun, sit back and listen to music, grab some tea and cake – only to come back on the second, third, fourth or fifth day to make those purchases you’ve been mulling over. We love it!

The venue used for the event (3Ci Tent, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria East) was great, although a bit of a trek for some of us poor Jo’burg dwellers! The venue was more than big enough to handle the number of people enjoying the fun, the shopping and the “kuier”. Ample parking, ample spaces to chill out, ample kids entertainment areas, ample toilets, ample everything!

mooimark vlooimark totally ♥ the Tierlantyn’kies everything! Please can we have some more! Bring on the next one, we are saving our pennies already!