mooimark vlooimark is a site dedicated to showcasing local designer makers of all things beautiful, unique and artisan; and providing reviews of the markets where we found all this amazing talent.

mooimark vlooimark has been brought into existence as a result of a personal obsession with all things beautiful, unique, intricate and artisan. And a frustration at how hard it can be to find these kinds of things when you really want to, either online, in a shop, or at a market.

mooimark vlooimark does all the hard work for you. 

Sure, spending the day at a lively craft market with the buzz of people and hum of champagne bubbles in your tummy isn’t something we would ever complain about, but when the market closes and the vendors go home, so do their beautiful wares.

Sure enough a special occasion rolls around and you know you spotted the perfect gift that day, but where to find it now… Or, if you’re anything like us, you were eyeing up something for yourself but needed some “buyers remorse preventing distance” before spending your hard earned cash. Now it’s a day or two later and you’ve decided it’s an investment buy (not a splurge, not at all…), but what was the name of that stall? Or the tag on the product? Google, Google, Google but no luck.

We visit craft markets, pop-up markets, art fairs and anywhere else we might find you the best in locally made or designed goods that are unique, beautiful, a little bit hand-made (at least) and not already available in the shops.


An example of splurge worthy goods featured on mooimark vlooimark includes this gorgeous STONECAMP creation (click here – you know you want one). We showcase this incredible talent on our site providing you product information and contact details, should you have the sudden urge to splurge.

We also review the markets we visit and, if we can, tell you when the next one will be. We never have quite enough time to get round to seeing all the designer makers on exhibition and a review of the markets give you a chance to go see for yourself.

Happy reading, and happy splurging!


The mooimark vlooimark promise (what you can expect from us):

  • we will pick our markets for review carefully, so you will only ever hear about the best
  • we will pick the products from the markets carefully, focussing on

    • locally made (as local as possible)
    • unique (it will generally not be available at the mall)
    • design to desire (if it looks gorgeous and we want it, we showcase it)

    • hand made and/or locally designed